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Our Mission

Strengthening youth and families through leadership

Banisters Leadership Academy is a youth leadership development organization. The organization has been building youth leaders since 2007.

We work with local school districts and communities to help prepare students for the next chapter in their lives. Students participating in our programs emerge as leaders in their schools, communities and families.

We build leadership skills...

In youth and help them transition to the next phase of their lives whether it’s going into high school, transitioning to college or joining the workforce. Our young leaders are ready for real life.  We offer programs in the classroom, after school, in the evening and on weekends to meet the needs of our students. 

We know that you must have a strong foundation to ensure true success. Because of this Banisters Leadership Academy offers programs and services for the entire family. We aren’t just providing programs to students during and after school, we are providing a continuum of care for youth and families. It takes a village to raise a child.

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Become A Volunteer

We believe that every child needs a positive role model in their life to empower them to become future leaders in their community. Take action in becoming a volunteer in our group mentoring program that is designed to help mentees grades K-8th in raising self-awareness and provide support in setting and achieving their goals.